Heidi Klum Is “A Little Here and a Little There” About Miley Cyrus
Heidi Klum Is “A Little Here and a Little There” About Miley Cyrus
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Heidi Klum Is “A Little Here and a Little There” About Miley Cyrus


By now, everyone and their grandmother has had a chance to be horrified by Miley Cyrus’ foam finger wielding performance at the VMAs, as well as the subsequently released tool-licking, naked ball-straddling video for her hit single “Wrecking Ball.”

While the media frenzy surrounding the controversial pop diva’s antics has encompassed a ton of celebrity reaction some supportive, others judgemental Heidi Klum confessed recently that she’s a bit torn. The Project Runway host, supermodel, and mother to four recently added her opinion to the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga who have recently sounded off about Miley.

The blonde beauty told E! News, “I’m sort of in between chairs. On one side, I like that she pushes the envelope and she owns it. There is right now no one who is like her. But at the same time, do I want my girls to dress like that? I don’t. Do I want my girls to look up to the way she performs? No, I don’t. I have to say I am a little in between chairs. I think as an artist you have to have your own [expression] and not copy someone and express yourself and that’s what she’s doing. I’m a little here and a little there.”

That sounds pretty fair-minded if you ask us. We would expect this response from the 40-year-old supermodel who both loves to post her topless sexy photos on Instagram while doing a decent job at parenting her four young children. She seems to understand that things aren’t always black and white. She’s one star who certainly knows how to express herself creatively, in a way that some might say is occasionally inappropriate, so maybe she understands the need to give Miley a break.

What do you think about your kids emulating Miley Cyrus, moms? Harmless fun, or totally off limits? Let us know!

Source: E! News

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