Hilary Duff\'s School Drop-Off Outfit Has Moms Freaking Out (PHOTOS)
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Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s School Drop-Off Outfit Has Moms Freaking Out (PHOTOS)


Hilary Duff made an attempt to use her Instagram account as a platform for mommy advice — but oh man, did that plan backfire.

The former Disney star loves sharing pictures of her life with 4-year-old son Luca (and her puppies) on her social media pages, and maybe that’s what she should stick to. Because when the 28-year-old offered up some fashion tips for moms, the hate started pouring in immediately.

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First, let’s take a look at the photo in question. Hil captioned the shot with a description of the outfit she wore to drop off her son at school, urging her followers to try it out for themselves.

“Cut offs or jeans. A light weight trench over a sweater or tee, cross body bag sneaks or booties and a pair of Sunnies!,” she wrote along with this mirror selfie.

Only issue? Those “cut offs” look more like booty shorts than actual bottoms, and followers were quick to notice.

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“I would be humiliated if my mom showed up to pick me up in booty shorts,” one mom commented. “Those look like freaking underwear.'

“Because your outfit should be the focus of you and your child's day....,” another said.

Of course there were people defending her, too, saying that the haters are just jealous of her insane bod.

“The ones talking bad about this outfit are the insecure moms that never lost that baby fat and can't wear outfits like this,” one fan wrote.

kid crushes my heart one cuddle at a time

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Still, we gotta give the Younger star props for even dropping off and picking up her kid at all — don’t rich people have nannies to do that?!

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Hilary, who officially finalized her divorce from her son’s dad Mike Comrie in February, also shared another photo making the rounds this week — an amazing glamour shot of herself  from 1993. OMG, that hair:

#glamourshots #thanksmom #1993 #tb

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No matter where you fall on the Hilary Duff Drop-Off Outfit debate of 2016, there’s no denying this girl’s got some serious Instagram skillz.

Keep doing you, girlfriend!