Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Bachelor Love Story: A Timeline
Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Bachelor Love Story: A Timeline
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Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Bachelor Love Story: A Timeline


Of all the couples who met on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad, only four of them are currently married. More often than not, the relationships that ended up working out in the long run weren’t the ones we would have initially thought!

Take Holly Durst and Blake Julian, for example. No one really expects couples who meet on Bachelor Pad to end up tying the knot since the show is mostly about running around in bikinis and doing strange games to win prizes. But Blake and Holly got engaged at the end of Bachelor Pad 2 — after only knowing each other a few months — and they’re still happily married today, over two years later.

As Bachelor lovebirds Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici prepare to tie the knot on January 26, we’re taking a look over the relationship history of this unexpectedly strong Bachelor nation duo.

Summer 2011

Blake and Holly first met back in the summer of 2011, on their first day as contestants on Bachelor Pad 2. He was fresh off being eliminated from Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette, while she had appeared on Matt Grant’s season of The Bachelor, three years earlier.

Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Bachelor Love Story: A Timeline
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The sparks were instant, and the two were cuddling as soon as Episode 2. There was just one problem: Holly’s ex-fiancé was in the Bachelor Pad house along with them. Holly started dating former Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano in 2009. By 2010, the two were planning a double wedding with Michael's twin brother, Stephen Stagliano and his fiance, DeAnna Pappas. Holly broke off the engagement in late 2010, but two were back together by Christmas. Michael then ended their relationship for good a few months later.

But anyone watching Bachelor Pad could tell that Michael still harbored feelings for his ex-fiancée. (Hey, they had only broken up a few months prior.) To make things more awkward, the show chose to pair up the exes as teammates on the show. So that cute Blake/Holly cuddling? Not too easy for Michael to watch.

By Episode 4, Blake and Holly had kissed (relax! It was part of that week’s competition), but Blake ruffled some feathers when he chose Holly to accompany him on the date he won for besting his fellow contenders in the kissing competition. The two went skiing in the Colorado mountains, and it was clear that this relationship was quickly heating up.

September 2011

Right before filming the Bachelor Pad 2 finale, ABC gifted Blake with a beautiful Neil Lane engagement ring, and he proposed to Holly in a pre-taped segment that aired that very night! She said “yes,” though the rest of the world wouldn’t find out about it until the finale aired at the end of the month. (Well, those who don’t read spoilers, anyways...)

December 2011

Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Bachelor Love Story: A Timeline
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The newly-engaged lovebirds head off to Hawaii to spend their first Christmas together. They, of course, tweet plenty of pictures to document the fun and romantic trip.

June 2012

On June 2, Holly and Blake tie the knot in an intimate ceremony in South Carolina. (And yes, there’s video of it. And yes, the whole ceremony was beautiful, romantic, and sweet.) The couple then jet on over to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia for their honeymoon.

July 2012

Blake and Holly welcome an adorable fuzzy white puppy named Molar... also known as Molar Bear. (What? Blake’s a dentist. It totally works.)

August 2012

Back home in South Carolina, they enjoy married life: cuddling with Molar Bear, and heading off to take cute pictures while visiting the local sites. (Holly’s new in town, having only just recently moved to S.C. from her former California home.)

November 2012

The Julians celebrate their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple. Holly’s wearing an apron, so we’re going to assume she whipped up the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. (Unless Molar did all the cooking. We’d be on board with that, too.)

December 2012

And their first Christmas! Blake and Holly posted a sweet photo of themselves... just seconds away from locking lips underneath the mistletoe.

January 2013

Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Bachelor Love Story: A Timeline
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Blake throws Holly a surprise party for her big 3-0. It’s a ‘70s-themed roller rink party, and crazy bright neon outfits are a must.

July 2013

Blake’s dental practice, Signature Smiles , must be doing well, because he and Holly are embarking on the fun and daunting challenge of building their own home!

So is a Blake and Holly baby soon to follow? The couple hasn’t said anything about trying for babies quite yet. (But when they do welcome a little on, Holly’s naming it Shakira. Well... if she can managed to get Blake to agree to the moniker. It never hurts to try!)

December 2013

Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Bachelor Love Story: A Timeline
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Blake and Holly once again spend Christmas in Hawaii. This time, they’re accompanied by another couple who fell in love on Bachelor Pad: Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke. At this point, we’d thought that KipTen was still broken up. Guess they recently decided to give their relationship another shot!

January 19, 2014

Blake and Holly appear on “The Bachelor: Love Stories,” to give fans an update on what they’ve been up to recently. And just in case you were wondering, they’re both totally watching Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor. Blake’s silly and snarky tweets about the show, in particular, are something you don’t want to miss!