How Did Scott Disick’s Parents Make Their Money? (Update)
How Did Scott Disick’s Parents Make Their Money? (Update)
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How Did Scott Disick’s Parents Make Their Money? (Update)


Sure, he's the one and only L.D. But just how exactly did Scott Disick become... Scott Disick? We did some research and found out what Scott does for a living, but the truth is the Lord is from old(ish) money. So how did his parents make their fortune?

The Disick family has obviously accrued some wealth, but when Bonnie died suddenly in early November 2013, the funeral was a “small affair” in their native Long Island. Kourtney had become close with baby daddy Scott’s parents ever since “the Miami” incident, so of course she was in attendance with her beau for the sad occasion.

While Scott comes from a wealthy background, we saw back in Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 1, Episode 2, when Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian headed to the Hamptons to hang out with Mason’s grandparents, that Scott's parents are sweet, amiable people. After we met Bonnie and Jeff in K&KTNY, we were curious about the Disick family history.

Jeff and Bonnie raised Scott, born May 26, 1983, in Eastport, Long Island. Scott’s parents’ money was largely inherited from Jeffrey’s father, David M. Disick, a well-known attorney, businessman, and author of Fractional Vacation Homes: Marketing and Sales in Challenging Times. David attended Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania Law School before becoming a real-estate developer.

David M. Disick developed a number of luxury resorts and properties worldwide, including Frank Klammer Lodge in Telluride, Colorado; and South Village in Sugarbush, Vermont. One of David’s properties, the Franz Klammer Lodge, is the property that first used the term “private residence club.”

According to a report from Star Magazine, Scott’s father, Jeffrey Disick, turned himself in to the police for allegedly stealing money from a bank in Suffolk County, New York. Jeffrey reportedly pled guilty to charges of petty larceny after he was accused of stealing upwards of $3,000 from the Long Island bank. More details here.

To make up for the alleged crime, Scott’s dad is said to have paid $6,500 in restitution and was sentenced to 140 hours of community service, which he chose to complete rather than spend 30 days in jail.

The majority of the Disick fortune, however, seems to have come from a long family legacy of financial success — meaning little Mason and Penelope should have security from both sides for years to come.

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