How Long Do Bachelor Relationships Last?
How Long Do Bachelor Relationships Last?
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How Long Do Bachelor Relationships Last?


There are a lot of naysayers nay-sayin’ the ish out of The Bachelor enterprise, poo-pooing the concept of some random dude picking his wife out of a harem of ladies. And, as much as we love watching two people “fall in love” in a concise and well-edited package, it’s a little tough to swallow the idea that six weeks of whirlwind romance with a bevy of beauties is enough to create a solid foundation. But because we care, and because our St. Paddy’s hangover is nearly gone, we did some math to figure out how black our hearts really are.

Sean Lowe was the seventeenth Bachelor, with memorable fellas like Ben Flajnik, Jason Mesnick, and Brad Womack preceding him in the ABC kingdom. Looking back to the first season, which featured Alex Michel, the track record has not been great for lasting romance, which is an understatement. Love is hard, and we get that, but when the premise of your show is to “find a wife,” and there has only been one wedding (and to the girl who WASN’T CHOSEN in the finale) well... it’s complicated. Alex’s relationship to winner Amanda Marsh in Season 1 lasted a few months. So, what’s the average?

Well, if you factor in longer relationships like Season 6 Bachelor Byron Velvick’s five-and-a-half years with Mary Delgado, the 47 months Season 7er Charlie O’Connell spent with Sarah Brice, and the four-plus years Jason and Molly Mesnick have been together (so far), things get a little skewed. But thanks to folks like Season 8’s Travis Stork and Sarah Stone, who broke up before the finale even aired, we can give a pretty good estimate. The average length of a Bachelor-born relationship is about 13.25 months which, while not bad (and certainly longer than many of our courtships), does not support the idea that a TV-formed bond is a lasting bond.

What do you think, is this to be expected, or are you surprised the length is so short? Weigh in with all of your feelings, algorithms, and conspiracy theories below.