YouTube Star Hunter Avallone Posts Egregiously Transphobic Video
Hunter Avallone transphobia
Credit: Hunter Avallone on YouTube    


YouTube Star Hunter Avallone Posts Egregiously Transphobic Video


Uber-conservative YouTube star Hunter Avallone released nearly eight minutes of unabashed transphobia to his 10,000-plus subscribers recently, posting a video called “The Truth About Transgenders.”

In case that title alone didn’t set off alarm bells in your head, here are 15 more offensive, inaccurate, and juvenile aspects to the video — with intermittent links to Wetpaint’s more heartwarming stories about trans individuals. (Cheers, Hunter!)

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  • Hunter says being transgender is a ploy for attention and “really disgusting but socially acceptable for some reason”

  • He says that being trans is “simply not normal.”

  • He champions the views of transphobic and homophobic John Hopkins professor Paul McHugh, who was born in 1931, by the way.

  • He says endorsing the right to pursue sex-confirmation surgery is “what stupid people call smart.”

  • He thinks people “pick and choose” their gender.

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  • “Your feelings just don’t matter,” he says. (Pity any future romantic interest of his.)

  • He calls opposing YouTube star Laci Green “hairy” and “ugly” — what a charmer!

  • “Facts always trump feelings,” he says. (Interesting that he should use the word “trump.”)

  • He calls a Norwegian woman who happens to identify as a cat a “nutcase.”

  • He casually drops the word “retard,” and not as a verb meaning “to slow down.”

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  • “Transgenders are not heroes,” he says. (Poor guy thinks “transgender” is a noun!)

  • He regularly refers to Caitlyn Jenner with male pronouns and yet still calls her Caitlyn.

  • “It’s a mental illness,” he says.

  • “I don’t believe for a second that he’s a girl,” he says in reference to a trans high school student.

  • He says trans individuals are “currently suffering.”

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Then again, Hunter is just 19 years old. He’ll learn how to be humane, empathetic, and respectful some day.