Huw Collins on \'Pretty Little Liars\': 5 Things to Know
Huw Collins
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Pretty Little Liars

Huw Collins on ‘Pretty Little Liars’: 5 Things to Know


In the newly released sneak peek of the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 winter premiere, we got our first look at the man who will one day be Alison's husband, Dr. Elliott Rollins, played by British actor Huw Collins.

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Who exactly is this important new addition to the Pretty Little Liars cast? Here are five key facts to know about Rosewood's newest hottie.

He's Welsh

And very devoted to his sports teams, as evidenced by his support for his team during the Rugby World Cup.

All the way across the globe in sunny Los Angeles, the flag flies high and proud for Wales. #rwc2015 #iamwales #cymruambyth

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Pretty Little Liars Is One of His First Roles

Huw has been in a few short films before now, but Pretty Little Liars is his first major screen role. We can't wait to see what he brings to the table — and apparently he's pretty excited about it, as well!

Sorry, He's Taken

If you're already crushing on this hottie, we're sorry to tell you he's totally taken: he married wife Molly Shaheen in January. On the upside, that means we get adorable pics like this one, where he's posing with his soon-to-be TV wife, Sasha Pieterse, and his real life wife. #wifegoals, indeed.

#wifegoals @moll_sohard @sashapieterse27 #luckofthewelsh

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Also, he wore a bowtie at his wedding. Just FYI.

The beginning of the greatest adventure. @moll_sohard

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He's Politically Aware

Molly is actually the daughter of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and based on his recent tweeted about the first Democratic presidential debate, Huw is politically plugged in.

He Has an Adorable Puppy

This is not very important when it comes to his acting, but definitely a key piece of information if you're deciding whether or not to follow him on Instagram. Answer: Yes. All the yes. Look at that adorable dog!

This is gonna get tiresome if you don't like dogs, but how can I not show off her little face!?! #puppy #bunny

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Nap time #puppy #bunny

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