Why Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Broke Their Month of Silence
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Ian Somerhalder

Why Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Broke Their Month of Silence


Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed vowed to take a month off social media and most communication after welcoming their first child, daughter Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder, on July 25.

So why did they both break their silence early?

Just for the cutest possible reasons.

The two former famous bloodsuckers are notorious for gushing about each other on social media, so it's no surprise they weren't able to last a full 30 days without expressing their mutual adoration.

The Vampire Diaries star took to his Instagram account this week to send off a "quick note" to his "beautiful wife," who graces the cover of this month's cover of Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

The sweet update was followed not long after by a funny one on the Twilight actress's feed.

Seems Team Somereed also took some time off from baby care to check out Monday's solar eclipse, which Ian watched with some eye protection that's not quite NASA approved...

However, we noticed that, even before this week, these two weren't as true to that whole month of silence thing as they vowed to be.


Both new parents have made a few posts on Instagram since baby Bodhi’s arrival.

Ian's have mostly been throwbacks like this one of him editing the TVD episode he directed in Season 6.

Meanwhile, Nikki has kept up her Sunday @YearsofLiving posts and shared about her upcoming album a week after giving birth:

Hey, giving up social media for a full month is easier said than done!

We can't rule out the possibility that these two have other people in their employ to keep their accounts updated while they dote on Bodhi, either. Lots of celebs have social media managers on their team of publicists.

Even if that's not the case, we can't think of better cause than true love to break your communications fast!

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Still, some fans have gotten a bit snarky over the whole thing.

A few fans noticed the social media silence wasn't exactly enduring on Ian's channels especially.

Still, the sweet tweets and comments far outweigh the salty.

These two truly are #RelationshipGoals.

Here's hoping the next break from their social media fast involves a pic of that new baby!