Is There a Jeremy Gilbert Curse on The Vampire Diaries?
Is There a Jeremy Gilbert Curse on The Vampire Diaries?
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The Vampire Diaries

Is There a Jeremy Gilbert Curse on The Vampire Diaries?


Poor Jeremy Gilbert! The vampire hunter just can’t seem to catch a break. He was orphaned, his aunt was murdered, his sister’s a vampire, and he’s been killed and brought back to life multiple times. He was even stuck briefly on the other side of the veil as a ghost after Silas drained him of his blood.

But the most damaging thing to Jeremy’s psyche seems to be that every single girlfriend he’s ever had has died. Is there a Vampire Diaries curse on whoever dates this poor kid? Let’s run down the facts and see if we can figure it out.

Vicki Donovan

Dating wild girl Vicki wasn’t Jeremy’s brightest idea. She insisted they keep it a secret, cheated on him with her ex, generally treated him like crap and lied to him, had a serious drug and alcohol addiction, and then became a vampire who tried to kill his sister. Still, poor lovestruck Jeremy couldn’t deal when Vicki turned up dead from a stake to the heart, so he had to have his memories of her erased.

Vampire Anna

Meeting cutie vamp Anna likely would’ve erased Jeremy’s feelings for Vicki anyway, but unfortunately she also had a few deep, dark secrets about what she was really doing in Mystic Falls. Even so, Anna did genuinely seem to love Jeremy, so it’s a damn shame that Jer’s Uncle John savagely killed her. However, the bond between Jeremy and Anna was strong enough that he carried on a tortured relationship with her ghost behind new girlfriend Bonnie’s back. Shame on you, Jeremy!

Bonnie Bennet

Jeremy’s relationship with beautiful witch Bonnie was complicated, and not just because she’s one of his sister’s BFFs. Bonnie struggled with her feelings for Jeremy for months, and then just when she decided she was truly in love with him, she found out about his dalliance with the ghostly Anna. Shortly after it looked like they might reconcile, Jer was killed by Silas. Convinced it was her fault, Bonnie sacrificed herself to bring Jeremy back, releasing him from the other side of the veil. That means she’s now dead, and that’s three ladies in a row who have expired after falling for young Mr. Gilbert.

Man, being Jer’s girlfriend is rough! Could April Young be the next victim? She hasn’t fared well on her own already. It seems like disaster would befall her the instant she hooked up with Jeremy. Plus, the town is running out of live flesh-and-blood humans, so there’s only a few girls left for him to choose from.

What do you think? Should Jeremy stop dating before every female in Mystic Falls dies?

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