Our CoverGirl: Insecure’s Issa Rae Stuns In New Makeup Campaign
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Our CoverGirl: Insecure’s Issa Rae Stuns In New Makeup Campaign


Some of us are still reeling over the fact that Insecure’s second season is over. But, if you're in need of more Issa Rae, you're in luck!

The leading star announced she's the latest CoverGirl and we couldn't be more excited.


In an Instagram post from this morning, September 12, Issa shared a photo of her getting her makeup touched up and a camera pointing in her face.


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She captioned it: "I remember being an awkward black girl in high school, reading the pages of my favorite magazines, casually flipping through @COVERGIRL ads, singing their slogan in my head. Never EVER in my life did I imagine I'd be one. I am SO honored and SO excited for what’s to come."


The beauty brand responded to Issa's poignant statement on their Instagram page, with the picture (below) and a loving caption of their own.


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"@issarae YES, you better believe it beautiful, the secret is finally out and we couldn't be happier! YOU ARE EVERYTHING  and we are so honored to welcome you to the #COVERGIRL family! #COVERGIRLMADE"


Social media rejoiced after learning the news:


News of Issa becoming a CoverGirl ambassador shows how much the actress/producer has grown in her personal and professional life.


And her beauty life, apparently, as the 32-year-old recently shared what happened the first time she wore foundation... and it wasn’t great.

"My first experience with makeup was my freshman year of college. It was the first big night going out to a club,” she told Buzzfeed Style.


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“But I just remember not knowing what to do and went to my local drugstore to buy foundation. Didn’t test it out, but was like, ‘This looks like my skin, right?’ and just smeared it like it was lotion.”


"I thought I was ready showing up to my friend’s place. My friends were like, 'Girl, no, take that off.' And then they helped match my shade and reapply. This experience reminds me of why I'm excited to be a CoverGirl, and how I can help other people find what works for them," the Stanford University alum explained.


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Issa's statement signifies the importance of cosmetic brands using diverse representation as well.


Issa also shared with Buzzfeed that she sometimes wears makeup when she's going to the grocery store or just because she needs a pick-me-up.


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"Sometimes I'll wear makeup just because I need a pick-me-up running to the grocery store; or because I feel happy and excited for a night with friends and want to express that in a fun and simple way," she revealed.


We're so excited to see Issa's brand thrive! Six years ago she was a viral Youtube star and now, a maven in the entertainment industry!


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Are you hype as we are to see Issa work with CoverGirl? Sound off in the comments!