Jamie Otis Shares Her First Baby Bump Photo at 11 Weeks Pregnant
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Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis Shares Her First Baby Bump Photo at 11 Weeks Pregnant


Baby Hehner is on the way!

We were already excited for Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner after they announced their pregnancy last week, but their latest post made things real.

On Monday, February 6, the Married at First Sight gal took did a social media takeover for Wetpaint.

In addition to sharing a bunch of tips for fellow mamas to be, she also unveiled her baby bump!

The belly pic marks her first since the couple revealed they were expecting, seven months after losing their baby last summer.

“First baby bump photo! 11 weeks and I really just look super bloated,” Jamie starts the caption.

OK, so bump isn’t “full blown” just yet, as the 30-year-old notes, but it’s definitely noticeable and enough to get her and fans excited for her “rainbow baby.”

Aww! There might still be 29 weeks to go in the Bachelor alum’s pregnancy, but she seems totally ready for motherhood.

That’s not the only important pic she shared this week, either.

Several days back, the couple of nearly three years showed off their first peek at baby Hehner with a 11-week sonogram, comparing it to their first one at 9 weeks.

“Our baby has literally doubled in size from two weeks ago (pic of baby Doug's holding). So incredible,” she writes.

The expectant parents are clearly counting down the days until their August due date. Luckily, they’ve got plenty to keep them busy.

Aside from their work on the FYI network, the pair are making sure to stay in shape, hitting the gym together consistently.

Couples who work out together... #marriedlife #healthy #pregnancy #Love #mafs #marriedatfirstsight @doughehner

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Not only is it good for the baby, but also beneficial for his or her parents!

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