Gina Rodriguez Teases ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 3 — Exclusive
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Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez Teases ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 3 — Exclusive


Anyone else still holding their breath from that epic Jane the Virgin Season 2 finale cliffhanger?

Well, hopefully not really, seeing as the show doesn’t come back until October. But lucky for you, we have a little exclusive scoop on what’s to come, courtesy of Jane Villanueva herself!

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Wetpaint spoke with Gina Rodriguez this week while she was promoting her new “Bienvenido a lo Mejor” campaign with Verizon, and though she reveals shooting for the third season doesn’t start until the second week in August, she does know a few key plot points.

“I think you’re going to see Michael,” the 31-year-old teases, referring to her character’s fiancé, who was shot in the final episode. “I don’t know if he’s alive or dead but you’re going to see him.”

Michael Cordero on Jane the Virgin
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Hopefully he is alive, because Jane will need someone to lose her V-card to this year!

“[Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman] has teased that Jane is losing her virginity in Season 3, so I think it’s safe to say, if Jennie says it, it’s probably true,” she states.

Not as definite is the possibility of finally meeting everyone’s favorite character, The Narrator, played by recent Emmy nominee Anthony Mendez. The actress admits he’s her fave, as well, and says she expects we will meet him soon — fingers crossed!

In fact, Gina sounds pretty close with most of her Jane the Virgin cast, who served as long-distance support while she was away in London shooting another project.

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“So many of my cast members helped me get through my sadness from being away,” she gushes, name-dropping legendary actress and her on-screen grandma Rita Moreno as a mentor of hers.

Rita Moreno on Jane the Virgin
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Speaking of mentors, she says this was her inspiration for joining the Verizon campaign, which connects social media users with online influencers, many of whom she considers role models.

“I’ve always been a big proponent of role models — of being a part of their journey and understanding how they’ve succeeded in their field so then you can create a blueprint for yourself,” she reasons.

And it seems like it’s worked for her, considering the Golden Globe winner has the buzzed-about Mark Wahlberg-headed flick, Deepwater Horizon, coming out in a little over a month.

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Also in the movie is Dylan O’Brien, who was seriously injured last spring while shooting the newest Maze Runner movie. So with the press tour coming up, we had to wonder, how is he doing?

MTV Teen Wolf Los Angeles Premiere Party – Arrivals
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“I haven’t seen him but I hear he is healing fantastically,” she shares. “I just continue to send him prayers and keep him in my thoughts. But I think he’s doing a lot better and we’re going to see him very, very soon.”

Jane the Virgin Season 3 premieres October 17, and check out Deepwater Horizon when it hits theaters on September 30.