6 Nostalgic Moments From Janet Jackson’s Video For \
Janet Jackson in “No Sleeep” Music Video


6 Nostalgic Moments From Janet Jackson’s Video For “No Sleeep”


It’s like she never left! After announcing the production of her first studio album in seven years and making her first televised appearance in three at the 2015 BET Awards, Janet Jackson has now blessed us with the music video for her new single, “No Sleeep” — the reclusive singer’s first music video since 2010. Yes. It’s been that long.


And Janet doesn’t go it alone in the slinky, sultry song. This time, she’s brought along rapper J. Cole for the ride.


While we could just let you go ahead and watch the video, being the Janet fans that we are, we’ve gathered our favorite moments from the vid that, unless we’re really looking for clues that aren’t there, appear to us to be nods to specific points in Janet’s career.

First, let’s start with the rain-streaked windows. They totally set the mood for the song and remind of us Janet’s other video, “I Get So Lonely.”

Then there’s this moment where she’s drinking tea lamenting over her love like she did in “Again.”

Here, Janet looks great next to a photo of her and daddy Joe Jackson, the Jackson family patriarch.

This little dance break with a fedora has us nostalgic for “Alright.”

And this red-light gem has us remembering Janet from her “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “If” days. Doesn’t hurt that she’s ageless with almost identical hair!


And after J. Cole’s rap, performed by his clones (which reminds us of that time Janet embraced her clone in “Together Again”)...

...Janet falls fast asleep like she does at the end of “Doesn’t Really Matter,” even though she wasn’t supposed to get any sleep anyway. What a lightweight!


Check out Janet’s vid below: