Teen Tries to Extort an NHL Player, Births a Meme Instead
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Teen Tries to Extort an NHL Player, Births a Meme Instead


The worlds of major league sports, memes, and post-sex extortion all met thanks to a single selfie featuring NHL star Jaromir Jagr.


An 18-year-old model identified as “Catherine From Moravia” spent the night with the 43-year-old Florida Panthers player, and took a morning selfie of the shirtless athlete sleeping in the background.


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But she wasn’t going to use the sexy snapshot as a souvenir of their time together. Instead the Czech beauty, or someone close to her, wanted about $2,000 in exchange for keeping the photo private.

Unfortunately for Cate, the hockey icon couldn’t be less interested in what she did with the picture and responded saying, “I don’t care.”


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When the selfie was posted, Jaromir became an instant meme instead of of a world-renowned creep. Fans everywhere have been uploading copycat images since.


Look below for some of our favorites!

Olaf and Jaromir spend about the same amount of time surrounded by ice.

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When you can't get the real thing, settle for a jersey…

Woke up with Jagr. #Parody #TeamJagr #JagrSelfie #GiveMeAllYourMoney #JaromirJagr #JagrTeam

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Or just a bottle of Jagermeister.

This little lady might be cuter than the Panthers player…

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And this furry pal definitely is.

jedeme v tom taky! #JaromirJagr #TeamJagr #ZebyNovyTrendSelfie #JagrSelfie #parodie

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And they’ve officially taken everything too far.


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