Jay Z Rinsed on Twitter For Recent Pic With Queen Bey and It’s Hilarious
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Jay Z

Jay Z Rinsed on Twitter For Recent Pic With Queen Bey and It’s Hilarious


Poor Jay Z!

It’s no secret Beyoncé and the rapper have one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood, but people are still shook the 48-year-old was able to land his wife.

She is Queen Bey after all.

The hilarity started all over again when the “Formation” songstress shared a photo of the couple on Instagram.

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Though again, we love the “Empire State of Mind” hitmaker, fans started roasting the father of three on social media.

While some claimed Hov looked like he was older than Bey’s dad, Matthew Knowles, others just couldn’t comprehend how Bey hasn’t aged a day!

“Beyoncé aging backwards and Jay Z aging like milk. What’s the deal?” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Jay Z so rich that he doesn’t even try when he posing with Bey,” another person wrote.

“He has too much money to even care what he looks like. Inspiring. Truly.”

Somebody else said, “Some days jay z look like the uncle & some days jay z look like the auntie.”

Other people are shocked the 36-year-old took back her husband after he cheated on her.

“Beyonce keeps looking younger and younger while Jay Z ages like an avo,” somebody shared.

“S'what you get for cheating on your wife."

Another person wrote, “For real though, all of those pictures of Beyonce would be more than fantastic if Jay Z wasn't in them.”

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