Jenelle Evans Has Full Custody of Kaiser, Says Nathan Griffith “Destroyed” Her
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Has Full Custody of Kaiser, Says Nathan Griffith “Destroyed” Her


Praise the Teen Mom 2 lords, Jenelle Evans is a free woman following her arrest for assault and battery.

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In case you've blocked out the incident, Jenelle was whisked off to jail after throwing a glass at Nathan Griffith's new girlfriend, Jessica Henry. The happy couple made the mistake of visiting Jenelle at her house, and let's just say she wasn't thrilled.


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Jenelle was released from jail on August 2, and fear not: she still has custody of Kaiser Griffith, the son she shares with Nathan. “Nathan hasn’t seen Kai in a week,” Jenelle told “In the state of South Carolina, if no custody is in place, then I have full rights.”

His smile tho.

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Meanwhile, text messages between Nathan and Jenelle have been released that make it clear Jenelle wants her man to leave her alone. Not only does she write, “[You] have destroyed me like Courtland did mentally,” she says, “I don't want to see u at all.”


That said, the texts (which have been verified via Jenelle's retweets) include Jenelle trying to offer Nathan time with Kai, so clearly co-parenting isn't out of the question.

Either way, Jenelle's ready to move on with her life: she even moved to a new home, which means it's time for some new memories to match!