Jenelle Evans Tweets and Deletes Messages About Husband David Eason Having Cancer
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Tweets and Deletes Messages About Husband David Eason Having Cancer


Perhaps every aspect of Jenelle Evans's life isn't an open book after all?

The Teen Mom 2 star has tweeted and deleted some startling messages about her husband David Eason's health, revealing he had cancer a few years ago, something we as fans never knew about.

But some sleuthy followers aren't so sure that's really the truth.

It all began when the mom of three hopped on Twitter to defend her man — nope, not against those abuse allegations this time — revealing why her husband has a scar on his neck.

She claimed it's because he had a thyroidectomy and is a "cancer survivor."


The reality star also said they didn't "scream it out to everyone" because it's "scary for us to deal with," which could be why fans are only finding out about his health struggles now even though they've been together for over two years.

Lastly, the Read Between the Lines author seemingly reignited her feud with her sister-in-law, Jessica Eason, saying Dave's family wasn't there for him during his cancer battle.

Jess, meanwhile, confirmed he did in fact have the disease, but didn't respond to Jenelle's shade:

But a deeper dive into this reveals that David might've never had cancer after all, as some Reddit users found an old post from David's mom stating the thyroid surgery was merely "preventative," since cancer of the lymph nodes run in his family.

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But the dad of three has set the record straight.

The newlywed took to Facebook to clear the whole thing up, saying he had both thryoid and lymph nodes cancer, as well as "2 surgeries and 2 radiation treatments."


He also unfortunately has a ten percent chance of the cancer reoccuring at some point.

Fans don't want to necessarily doubt that David is telling the truth because cancer is no laughing matter. 

But if he really did have it, why would Jenelle delete the tweets rather than be open about it with fans?

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And why is his mother supposedly saying the surgery was "preventative" if the rest of his family is saying it wasn't?!

Hopefully we'll get a legitimate resolution about this in the near future... or, even better, on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2?!

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Do you think David really had cancer or was his surgery for something else entirely? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.