Jenna Jameson Slurs Her Way Through Good Day Appearance (VIDEO)
Jenna Jameson Slurs Her Way Through Good Day Appearance (VIDEO)
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Jenna Jameson Slurs Her Way Through Good Day Appearance (VIDEO)


Jenna Jameson is no stranger to doing all manner of things on camera, but you’d never guess it, based on her most recent on-air appearance.

The former porn queen showed up to a Good Day NY appearance on Monday looking more than a little worse for wear and like she'd just crash-landed on Earth.

Jenna, who claims to have retired from the adult film industry “about ten years ago,” is back in the spotlight to promote her latest work, Sugar, an erotic novel based on her life, although based on the condition she showed up in, it seems as though it might have been a better plan for her to sit this one out.

In the interview, Jenna describes the reason why she decided to give writing another shot, explaining that she was dissatisfied with the current erotic fiction on the market, so she decided to sell her own story with some slight embellishment.

“I didn’t want it to be exact of what I’ve always done, so I made up a fantastic, yummy story,” Jenna explains.

While she’s getting her point across to some degree, Jenna’s clearly having a hard time getting the words out, much to the chagrin of the frustrated hosts, who continue to prompt her with questions.

After a number of slurred responses, co-host Greg Kelly asks if the porn industry was good to her, to which the glassy-eyed star incoherently mumbles, “I made my — my whole entire life was taken care of. I did it.”

TMZ reports that the show’s producers finally became so frustrated with Jenna’s antics that they cut the interview short rather than letting the trainwreck continue.

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Source: TMZ