Jennifer Morrison Spills on Emma and Hook: \
Jennifer Morrison Spills on Emma and Hook: “He’s Becoming a Part of Her Life”
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Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison Spills on Emma and Hook: “He’s Becoming a Part of Her Life”


We’ve officially come to terms with the fact that Neal (Michael Raymond-James) is gone for good, so now it’s time to aim our ‘shipping cannons directly at Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue). Captain Swan seems to be growing closer and closer these days on Once Upon a Time, so what’s going on between these two?

“Neal having died recently has changed things, and him giving Emma the permission to find Tallahassee with someone else and maybe find happiness with someone else has changed things too,” Jennifer told E! Online. “But we still have a lot to go through. Obviously the Wicked Witch is an incredibly dangerous villain that we need to deal with — she’s scary.”

Gotcha, Jennifer. But what about Hook? Hopefully he’s going to continue being there for Emma as she has to face all of the drama and danger heading her way, right?

“Hook will definitely be instrumental in helping Emma face the Wicked Witch and helping Emma accept parts of herself — accept the magic that she has and using it in a ways that she needs to in order to protect everyone,” Jennifer revealed. “He’s definitely becoming a part of her life in the sense that he’s helping her accept parts of herself that she’s never accepted before.”

You heard the lady! Get aboard this ‘ship while you can!

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Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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