Jennifer Morrison Leaving \'OUAT’: See Her Emotional Letter to Fans
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Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison Leaving ‘OUAT’: See Her Emotional Letter to Fans


Jennifer Morrison is ending the Storybrooke chapter of her life.

After six seasons as Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time, the 38-year-old has opted not to renew her contract, whether or not the show is renewed for a seventh season.

She shared the news in an emotional letter with fans on Instagram Monday, May 8, explaining her decision.

"After very careful consideration, I have decided that creatively and personally, it is time for me to move on," she said, thanking the series creators for giving her the opportunity.

“Emma Swan is one of my favorite characters that I have ever played. My 6 years on Once Upon a Time has changed my life in the most beautiful ways," she wrote.

"I am absolutely blown away by the passion and commitment of the Oncer fans. I am so honored to have been a central part of such a special show."

Though Jennifer is looking to end her run on the ABC fantasy series, she does seem committed to giving fans a satisfying end to her story.

“If ABC Network does in fact order a Season 7, I have agreed to appear in one episode, and I will most certainly continue to watch Once Upon a Time," she adds.

"I cannot wait to see the ways that they continue to develop and reinvent the show."

Still, as the former House M.D. actress points out, OUAT's future is very much up in the air, and the departure of its central character could very well solidify the end for the fairytale crossover show.

That said, the show's creative team has said previously that the current storyline ends with next Sunday's two-part finale, and the show would soft-reboot with an entirely new story for a seventh season, should ABC renew.

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The season finale (possible series) of Once Upon a Time airs Sunday, May 14, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.