Jeremy Calvert Defends Photo of Daughter Adalynn Holding a Gun (UPDATE)
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Jeremy Calvert

Jeremy Calvert Defends Photo of Daughter Adalynn Holding a Gun (UPDATE)


UPDATE (11/2/16 at 11:15 a.m. ET):

Jeremy Calvert has heard your complaints about that controversial photo of his daughter...but he couldn't care less.

After the below photo of 3-year-old Adalynn holding a gun caused some major backlash among followers, the Teen Mom 2 dad posted a statement of sorts on Instagram, defending his actions and insisting all his guns are "locked up behind a closed door" and "my child is protected while in my care."

Read his entire response below, and keep scrolling for the full story.

ORIGINAL STORY (11/1/16 at 1:09 p.m. ET):

One day she’s dressed up as Elsa for Halloween, and the next she’s toting a handgun?

Jeremy Calvert’s Instagram followers are not happy with him right about now, as the Teen Mom 2 dad posted a photo of his 3-year-old daughter, Adalynn, holding a gun.

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What’s worse? Jer thought it was ok to post since the weapon is “unloaded!”

“She said daddy, let’s go hunting and shoot a coyote... lol better watch out boys she won’t miss lol,” the 27-year-old captioned the photo of his little girl smiling while holding the weapon.

“Haha p.s. yes people its [sic] a gun and its [sic] also unloaded get over it.”


But “get over it” they did not, as what followed was a lengthy argument in the comments section about gun control and whether or not it’s ok for kids to be exposed to hunting at such a young age.


Dinner time with my baby girl

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Some parents seemed to be ok with the innocuous photo, saying they do similar things with their own families.

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“We do the same with my kids!” one fan chimed in. “Teach them when they are young about gun safty [sic]! Good for you!!!”

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Others thought it was wrong on so many levels, even with the disclaimer the gun was “unloaded.”

“Ok yeah that’s really safe letting ur [sic] 3 year old or however old she is hold a gun really now that’s what I call bad parenting,” another said.


And though Leah Messer’s ex insists he hates the attention, once even claiming TM2 “ruined” his life, he hasn’t exactly been diverting it away from himself recently.

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For instance, just last week the pipeline engineer posted this photo of a couple’s Halloween costume, leading many to speculate he and his fiancee, Brooke Wehr, are expecting!

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But hey, there’s no denying it is, in fact, hunting season, as fellow TM2 dads Cole DeBoer and David Eason were also spotted in their camo gear.


It’s just a whole other thing when the kiddos get in on the action, too.

Do you think Jeremy’s photo was inappropriate? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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