Jillian Harris Gets Honest About Her Post-Baby Belly and We’re So Here For It
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Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris Gets Honest About Her Post-Baby Belly and We’re So Here For It


While most members of Bachelor Nation fill their Instagram feeds with picture perfect and unrelatable photos, Jillian Harris always keeps it real.

Following the birth of her son Leo, who is nearly 1, the former Bachelorette has been honest about motherhood and her ever-changing body, something she’s routinely documented on social media.

Though it was a challenge to learn to love her new shape, the 37-year-old is proud of what her body’s achieved.

"Pre-baby, I always strived to have a tight, firm belly. I haven't really cared so much about that since Leo's arrival," the Love It or List It Vancouver star told Today.

"That photo in particular made my heart tender and happy with the body I have now."

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The old Jillian used to obsess over her body and always wanted to look fit in pictures, but since welcoming her son with fiancé Justin Pasutto, she’s focused on other things.

"The old me would be searching for the [pictures] I looked the best and skinniest in," she continued.

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And, while she’s happy with the way she looks right now, the new mom may want to get back into shape at some point in the future.

"Even though I still want to get that old tummy back one day, I'm happy with this one for now!"

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Jillian’s life has done a complete 180 within the last 365 days — in August the pair welcomed Leo, and in December, Justin popped the question.

“I’ve seriously always wanted to get engaged on Christmas morning, and Justin always thought it was cheesy,” she wrote on her blog.

Thank you for a perfect Christmas Santa ... @slipperygoose (ps do you see what I see? )

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“So the fact that he thought it was a silly idea I thought for sure [meant] it wasn’t going to happen … Even though I knew Justin thought it was cheesy, it didn’t stop me from pressuring him every single Christmas to do it!”

Justin sweetly hid her engagement ring inside a macaroon box, but Jillian wasn’t interested in them, so it took a lot of convincing for her to finally open the gift.

“I fully lost it. I was crying, swearing, laughing. I was in total shock and disbelief, and I was so freaking happy.”

Though she definitely wants to get married, she may be having baby number two before she walks down the aisle!

“So now that I’ve shared that with you, you’re probably wondering, ‘OK, so when’s the wedding?!’” she continued. 

“We’re actually considering getting married on our property, but we want to get the landscaping done first, and we’re also talking about baby number two, so the wedding might just be pushed for a few years yet!”

First comes baby, then comes baby number two, then comes the wedding, right?!