Jillian Michaels Says She Was Held Hostage on Yacht by the “Mafia in Capri”
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Jillian Michaels Says She Was Held Hostage on Yacht by the “Mafia in Capri”


Talk about a nightmare at sea!

When Jillian Michaels threw down $60K for a yacht trip on the Amalfi Coast, the former Biggest Loser trainer thought she was going to enjoy 12 days of luxury in the sun with her friends and family.

Instead, she found herself “held hostage” on a filthy excuse of a boat by what she says was the “mafia in Capri!”

The former reality star tells Daily Mail she booked the Never One yacht through a company called CharterWorld LLP, aided by a broker named Amanda Brilliante.

Upon arrival at the boat, she found the yacht to be far different from the one she booked; it had no hot water, no air conditioning (when docked), no WiFi, only partial electricity, and was in “total disrepair.”

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“The boat was shown in pictures as pristine,” she explains in a Facebook post.

TMZ reports that the charter company tried to make things up to her by crediting her 6,700 euros.


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That only helped for a little bit, however, as things were about to escalate on day three.

“By the third day of our charter we were being extorted for money and things became so escalated we literally feared for our safety,” Jillian writes.

The 43-year-old then claims the crew demanded an additional 6,000 euros for fuel as that money had been taken by the “mafia in Capri.”

They told the fitness buff and the rest of the passengers they wouldn’t bring them back to shore unless they doled out the extra cash.

As a safety precaution, she taped one of these interactions with a member of the crew. In the clip below, you can see Jillian arguing that she’s being scammed and held hostage.

“You are essentially holding us hostage on the boat. You won't let us down, you won't let us go to dinner,” she says.

She continues, “I'm asking you for the 50th time, what do you need the money for?”

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Meanwhile, when Daily Mail reached out to the yacht broker via email, he joked back, “Capri is like mafia in particular,” with an accompanying winky face.

Eventually, they were able to get back to shore, four days into their trip on Saturday. They're now posted up in a hotel while attempting to contact the FBI and State Department.


“We are doing ok. Feeling really grateful to have our loved ones and health,” she updates Daily Mail.

“I haven’t left the country yet and I am truly unclear of how far these individuals will go as I was physically intimidated and threatened in emails.”

“Bottom line — this stuff is no joke. You could lose a lot of money and that sucks, but in some instances there is real danger. Be so careful when dealing with rentals,” she continues.

While she awaits any sort of legal action, Jillian is using her social media influence to warn followers about similar travel scams.

“I feel compelled to ask you all to be VERY CAREFUL with any holiday rentals you book on line[sic],” she advises.

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Stay safe, y’all!