Jodie Sweetin on \'Hollywood Medium\': \'Full House\' Star Talks Alcoholism
Jodie Sweetin
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Jodie Sweetin on ‘Hollywood Medium’: ‘Full House’ Star Talks Alcoholism


On the latest episode of E!'s new show Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Full House fan fave Jodie Sweetin has an emotional moment with her deceased grandmother.

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In his new show, the 20-year-old clairvoyant uses his powers to connect the rich and famous of Hollywood with deceased loved ones. As you can see in this clip from the upcoming Episode 3, things can get intense.

Jodie Sweetin
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In this preview of the new episode, rumored future Dancing With the Stars contestant Jodie gets a message from her beloved grandma about her struggles with alcohol.

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"I do have to ask," Tyler says in this clip. "There is a reference to a recovered alcoholic."

"Oh my," the 34-year-old actress responds with a sigh before tearing up and admitting this has to be a reference to herself.

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Fortunately, this overwhelming moment has a happy ending, as the medium conveys Jodie's grandma has pride for how well the once-troubled star is doing.

If this Fuller House actress does take to the DWTS ballroom, how much do you want to bet she dances a tribute to grandma?

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