When Will John Cena Propose to Nikki Bella? The Total Divas Stars Sound Off! — Exclusive
When Will John Cena Propose to Nikki Bella? The Total Divas Stars Sound Off! — Exclusive
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When Will John Cena Propose to Nikki Bella? The Total Divas Stars Sound Off! — Exclusive


All season long on E!’s Total Divas, we’ve watched as Nikki Bella and serious boyfriend John Cena went back and forth over the idea of marriage — she’s ready for a ring, he’s against the whole idea. In the upcoming October 26 mid-season finale, we’ll see the tension come to a head when Nikki’s twin Brie tries to intervene with John for her cause. So will this WWE couple ever get hitched?

Wetpaint Entertainment took the opportunity to find out more about the pair’s potential for wedding bells when we sat down with Nikki, Brie, and their fellow Diva and co-star Nattie not too long ago. And while the signs may all be pointing to “no” on-screen, Nattie thinks otherwise.

“I give that about six months,” she muses, in reference to a proposal. “I’ve known John since I’ve been in the WWE, and I’ve seen the changes since he’s met [Nikki]. John’s kind of a stubborn guy, but I’ve just seen the changes within the last year, going from ‘never, never, never’ to ‘maybe, maybe, maybe.’ You just see that when he’s around her, he’s totally different.”

The recently-married Nattie — who wed fellow WWE-er TJ Wilson last year — dishes that she’s witnessed the lengths of John’s love for Nikki in-person, while the two were on tour together last year and “all he talked about was Nicole.”

“He’d be talking about the gym and he’d talk about how proud of her he is and how she’s so strong,” Nattie explains. “Then we drove by the Louis Vuitton store and John was like ‘I have to go and look for something for Nicole.’ He was just focused on her, and it was adorable.”

When Will John Cena Propose to Nikki Bella? The Total Divas Stars Sound Off! — Exclusive
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Brie, on the other hand, doesn’t see the actor-wrestler — who has three major movie roles in the works — popping the question to her sister quite as soon, though she does see it happening eventually.

“I think it’ll be a couple years,” Brie predicts. “I do think it will happen, because I see that John wants to make all of Nicole’s dreams come true. I just think he definitely needs time.”

And where does Nikki fall on all of this? The 30-year-old bombshell admits that she goes back and forth on the issue, particularly due to John’s bad divorce back in 2012. “When you have a failed marriage, to get to another marriage, you really need to have that trust,” she reflects. “Also, with John’s age — he’s 37 — and if we were to get married, and I took everything he has, well he can’t go wrestle for another 10 to 15 years. So I know that’s also a fear of his.”

Though, to be clear, this Bella twin would never need to live off her man. “I’m an independent woman,” Nikki insists. “I make my own money.”

Despite all the hesitation, Nikki is still able to see how much her relationship with the heavyweight champ has grown. “When we first started dating, he told me he doesn’t buy jewelry or flowers. Now, every week I come home there’s a dozen roses in my dressing room with a card. And then for Valentine’s Day last year he got me my first diamond. And then we just had our two year anniversary and he got me a diamond watch. Everything he does is so thoughtful.”

Sounds like he’s coming around, if you ask us! We’re rooting for ya, Nikki. Here’s to a 2015 proposal!

Tune in for the Total Divas’ mid-season finale this Sunday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET on E!

Do you think Nikki and John are on the path to marriage? And if so, when do you think he’ll tie the knot? Sound off in the comments below.