JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Spur Breakup Rumors by Unfollowing Each Other on Instagram
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JoJo Fletcher

JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Spur Breakup Rumors by Unfollowing Each Other on Instagram


After Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell and Becca Tilley and Robert Graham, our hearts can’t take another Bachelor Nation breakup!

That’s why we’re hoping the latest buzz about JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers has been blown out of proportion.

The Bachelorette 2016 couple has seemed happier than ever of late, recently posting tributes to one another on their one-year anniversary of getting engaged.

One year ago today, and even more my best friend every single day #1yearanniversary

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Yet, this week some eagle-eyed followers of the pair sent fans into a tizzy when they noticed some suspicious activity on each party’s social media.

"JoJo and Jordan unfollowed each other only to refollow each other again a few hrs [sic] later," one person posted on a Reddit fan board. "Another break up in the midst?"

As you might guess, this upset fans, many who defended them, saying they’re the couple everyone is rooting for.

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However, as Life & Style points out, it does seem like JoJo and Jordan briefly unfollowed each other, as each is now atop their respective “following” lists, meaning they were added recently.

Of course, this could’ve been nothing — a glitch on their accounts or they wanted to test something — but it’s also suspicious timing after a particular Instagram video appeared of the former NFL player.

You see, JorJo have been in Nashville this week, visiting with his brother Luke and some other friends.

Saturday at the Red Bicycle #sitcom

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While there, the crew have been hitting up the bars and having a good time together.

But it seems like, at some point, the Season 12 lovebirds separated and he ended up chatting with another woman.

An Instagram story, taken by a fan at Nashville bar Tootsies in the wee hours of the morning, shows this interaction going down.

“F—k! Guess who’s not with his girlfriend” the girl says, as she pans to Jordan with the brunette, his arm around her back.

At one point, she also leans in to whisper something, and he does the same after that.

Many are wondering on the message board if this video made its way to the Bachelorette, which spurred her to unfollow him or block him briefly.

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Then again, it could be nothing!

This woman might have been a mutual friend or relative of a friend, seeing as JoJo and the rest of the crew had been in the bar with Jordan earlier.

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This might not have been such a big deal for some couples, but because Jordan’s ex-girlfriend has publicly slammed him for being a “cheater,” it makes sense people would be suspicious.

Whatever the case, it looks like the engaged duo has recovered in the last couple of days.

They’re back to following one another, and the Cali hunk shared a photo of the two laughing together and taking “romantic selfie kiss” photos on his Instagram.

How to mess up a romantic selfie kiss...laugh uncontrollably at yourselves

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The 26-year-old gal hasn’t done the same just yet, though she did post a tribute to her Bachelor Nation bestie Becca Tilley this week.

Even though you stole this photo and already posted it, IDC. Love & miss YOU @beccatilley

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Here’s hoping this is all much ado about nothing!