Jonathan Bennett Teases ‘Hit the Floor’ Role, Moving on From Aaron Samuels — Exclusive
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Jonathan Bennett Teases ‘Hit the Floor’ Role, Moving on From Aaron Samuels — Exclusive


FYI: Jonathan Bennett is not Aaron Samuels anymore.

It’s clear the 34-year-old actor has left his past in the dust and grown up since his role in Mean Girls, though he’s humbled by the gig that put him on the map.

Jonathan spoke to Wetpaint about his new role in VH1’s Hit the Floor, if he’d ever reprise his role in the 2004 iconic teen flick, and how the acting jobs he’s taking now prove he’s more than just some dude whose hair looks so sexy pushed back.

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Turns out he snagged a spot on Hit the Floor  — he plays a sports agent who comes between the show’s same-sex romance between Zero, played by Adam Senn, and Jude, played by Brent Antonello — thanks to his time on Dancing With the Stars.

“I factor into the Jude and Zero storyline, which is a very beloved relationship on the show,” Jonathan teased exclusively of his three-episode guest arc. “I’m definitely going to cause some friction, for sure. Fans are going to either love me or hate me.”

The Ohio-born actor says the best thing about Hit the Floor is actually not having to put the dance moves he learned from his DWTS partner Allison Holker to use and the fact that “everything is possible” in terms of the storylines.

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“Every episode there’s a new twist and turn that you’d never expected,” he said. “You really have no clue and you never know what’s going to happen with the characters.”

It’s roles like the one on this show and his latest film, an action movie titled Submerged, that Jonathan’s looking for to distance himself from his lighthearted Mean Girls character.

In Submerged, Jonathan plays a security guard for a young woman and her friends. While driving his client and her pals home from a party, the six of them get trapped in their limo after it plummets into the ocean. Drama and tension, of course, ensues.

“The director [Steven C. Miller] looked at me after one of the days of shooting when I’m covered in blood and dripping wet and goes, ‘Well, you’re not Aaron Samuels anymore, you’re grown up,’” the Cake Wars host said.

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While trying to make a name for himself other than “the guy from Mean Girls,” the upcoming Awkward star does say — should the opportunity ever present itself — he’d definitely reprise his role as the “grool” hunk who is kind of bad at math.

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That said, he’s also fine leaving it as the pop culture phenomenon it is.

“There’s something beautiful about letting it be, you know?” he pondered. “There’s something special about letting it be what it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Hit the Floor airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.