Joseph Morgan “Proud” of Klaroline Fans, Talks Humanity-Less Caroline
Joseph Morgan “Proud” of Klaroline Fans, Talks Humanity-Less Caroline
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The Vampire Diaries

Joseph Morgan “Proud” of Klaroline Fans, Talks Humanity-Less Caroline


Of all the fandoms in television, perhaps the biggest is the Klaroline. Shippers of the Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) that spans both The Vampire Diaries as well as The Originals have been passionate ever since the two first locked way back when. With the two characters on different shows and crossover potential looking grim, Joseph spoke to People about how “proud” he is of the fans.

“The one thing that I am really proud of is … however the fans feel … about how everything has gone so far, they're incredibly passionate about the characters and they're constantly opinionated about what's happening and what should and shouldn't happen, and I feel like that's good,” Joseph told the mag. “Then we're doing our jobs, you know? People are talking about the show and about these characters and have really strong opinions about them.”

While the potential for a Klaroline reunion is out of Joseph’s hands and up to the writers, Joseph thinks Klaus would help Caroline — who has recently flipped her humanity switch along with will-they, won’t-they beau Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and gone on a rampage after her mother’s death.

“I think he’s probably be able to offer her some advice, some good advice. Because, you know, he was the one who got Stefan to turn off his humanity back in Season 3 [of TVD],” Joseph recalls. “He’s an expert at putting walls up and shutting off his feelings. I think he’d definitely be able to help her.”

As for whether or not Klaus still has feelings for Caroline, Joseph says he “wouldn’t be surprised” because his character has been known to “keep his cards pretty close to the chest.” Of course this is all rooted in his lack of trust for those around him — which, at times, even includes his family.

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Source: People

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