Josh Duggar Sued For Stealing DJ’s Photos For Ashley Madison Account
Credit: Josh Duggar on Instagram    

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Josh Duggar Sued For Stealing DJ’s Photos For Ashley Madison Account


Josh Duggar has been sued for allegedly stealing a man’s selfies to use on his Ashley Madison and OkCupid accounts.

The disgraced reality star’s supposed victim is a DJ named Matthew McCarthy, whom the 19 Kids and Counting alum could look like if you stepped 10 yards away from your laptop, squinted really hard, and sent Josh to the gym for six months.

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The musician says he’s been “humiliated” since the world found out about 28-year-old Josh’s photo highjacking.

The DJ-slash-model claims he’s received endless harassing messages online, TMZ reports. Strangers have gone so far as to reportedly call him “Duggar's boy toy” and “DJ Duggar.”

That may explain why Matthew alleges he’s even lost jobs.

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When the story broke last year, the Los Angeles resident said a nightclub fired him because they felt he was connected to a porn-filled sex scandal — something no business wants a part of.

Josh’s alleged digital fraud has also ruined Matthew’s personal life, as the man was raised “in a strong-knit Catholic family,” which means his forced involvement in a rampant cheating scheme was “mortifying.”  

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Now the DJ is suing the father of four for wrongful use of his image and looking for damages of an unknown amount.

Let’s see if Josh can make it through 2016 without another disturbing lawsuit.