Josh Duggar Won\'t Be Back on TLC — Report
Credit: Josh Duggar on Instagram    

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Josh Duggar Won’t Be Back on TLC — Report


Josh Duggar left rehab this past week, after being sequestered away at a faith-based treatment center in Illinois since August. But now that he's back, does that mean the rest of the family and TLC will welcome him with open arms? Not exactly.

NEWS: Duggar Family: “The Trust Is Not There” For Josh Duggar After Scandal

According to TMZ, Josh, 28, is essentially barred from participating in any of the Duggar family's appearances on the network, including sisters Jill and Jessa's new show Counting On, as well as any possible upcoming specials about the family.

Credit: Josh Duggar on Instagram    

According to TMZ's sources, the family is looking to rebuild their brand after the damage done  by Josh's molestation and cheating scandals. They also are reportedly focused on the future of the family, and believe involving the eldest Duggar child would only drum up the problems of the past.

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However, it does seem Josh's wife, Anna, is set to appear on Counting On. She gave birth to her fourth child with Josh, daughter Meredith, back in July, and all of the children are expected to appear with her semi-regularly on TLC's Duggar programming as they're involved in current storylines.


We'll have to see how long both the Duggars and TLC stick to the alleged ban of Josh. Even though his scandals may be "off-brand", at the end of the day, scandals bring in ratings, and money talks. So don't be surprised to see a "redeemed" Josh Duggar special sometime in the future.