Juan Pablo\'s Hair Is to His Shoulders! (PHOTOS)
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo’s Hair Is to His Shoulders! (PHOTOS)


Is that you, Juan Pablo Galavis?

The Bachelor Season 18 star looks totally different these days and it's all thanks to his new, shoulder-length hairdo.

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But the look isn't just for giggles. In fact, the long style was for JPG's role in Breakup Breakdown's May 23 episode. That's right, Mr. It's OK is back in front of the cameras — only this time it's not for reality TV.

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The series, which comes from comedy studio Más Mejor, features actors reenacting people's craziest breakup stories. Pretty ironic that Juan Pablo, who had some epic Bachelor breakups in his day, is the one re-creating the scenes!

Credit: Breakup Breakdown    

Us Weekly says the episode was filmed in Los Angeles, California on April 25 and Juan Pablo plays a woman named Patty's brother in the ep.

You know what this means — we may just be seeing more of the former soccer player on our small screens pretty soon!