Justin Bieber Put a Shoutout to Selena Gomez in \
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Justin Bieber Put a Shoutout to Selena Gomez in “What Do You Mean” Video


If things had gotten too quiet in Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Relationship Land for your taste, don’t worry — it’s heating up again. Even though they haven’t been a couple in a long time, Justin couldn’t help but drop a hint in the “What Do You Mean?” music video that he’s still thinking about his former flame.


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The video features a wall decorated with graffiti of Selena’s name — and graffiti has been something Justin has always been into, so this is way too big of a clue to be an accident. We’re not sure what it means, but we have a feeling that Justin is still into Selena, whether or not she feels the same way. H/T to Daily Mail for pointing the hidden clue out.

Unfortunately, neither Justin nor Selena have said anything about the instance in question, but we’re hoping somebody speaks up soon. We’re dying to know what Selena thinks about Justin’s hidden message and what Justin’s true intentions behind it was.


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No matter how much Justin wants it, we’re not 100 percent convinced that a reunion is what’s best for them. After all, Justin is just now getting his reputation back on track after his wild and crazy years and Selena seems to have moved on. Is rekindling their relationship really the smartest idea?

But, regardless of what we think, it’s their situation to sort out. Whether Justin and Selena decide to get back together or stay split, we support them!