Does Kaitlyn Bristowe Set a Kissing Record on Bachelorette 2015?
Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth Kiss
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The Bachelorette

Does Kaitlyn Bristowe Set a Kissing Record on Bachelorette 2015?


On The Bachelor Season 19, Chris Soules raised eyebrows by kissing many of his contestants — often in the same night! And after The Bachelorette 2015 premiered this week, it appears Kaitlyn Bristowe took a page out of his book. The newly-minted Bachelorette is already busy swapping spit with a couple of the contestants, but is her kissing at record-setting levels?


After Kaitlyn was announced as the winner of the guys' vote at the beginning of Tuesday night’s (May 19) episode, she kissed two guys — dentist Chris Strandburg and First Impression Rose recipient Ryan Booth. And according to Kaitlyn herself, she’s fine with her choices!


"I think I broke a record on night one for how many guys I kissed," Kaitlyn said in an interview with People. "My mindset was, 'Damn right I'm going to kiss everybody! I'm trying to find a husband here!'


Chemistry is an important part of any relationship, so she’s smart to find out the easy way! Kaitlyn even admitted that she’s ready to “take a lot of heat” for the smooching she does all season long. Wait, is she really kissing that much? Chris Harrison definitely seems to have confirmed it.


“I was a bit surprised it happened twice, but I will say this: If the person that Kaitlyn kisses is a front-runner, there will be a lot of front-runners this season,” Chris told TV Guide. “Normally, you might be able to discern who's on top because of who she's making out with, but that won't be the case this season.”


Tricky, tricky. We can’t blame Kaitlyn for wanting to kiss as many of the guys on her season as she can. Have you seen them?!


Source: People, TV Guide