Are Kaitlyn & Shawn Having a Secret Wedding in Hawaii? (PHOTOS)
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Kaitlyn Bristowe

Are Kaitlyn & Shawn Having a Secret Wedding in Hawaii? (PHOTOS)


Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth haven't announced their wedding date just yet, but their romantic Hawaiian getaway is making fans super curious this week. Could these two be eloping while on vacation?!

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The adorable couple, who got engaged in July 2015 during Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette, currently live together in Nashville, Tennessee. They recently celebrated their one year anniversary of meeting and their one year engagement-versary is right around the corner.

So, could this seemingly spur-of-the-moment trip to Hawaii have something to do with their relationship milestone, or could they also be secretly eloping while there? Wouldn't we like to know!

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All we can tell from the photos and Snapchats is they're having a great time together. Not only have they been really active with paddle boarding, golfing, hiking, and swimming with sharks (!), but they've also been relaxing over drinks and nice meals.

I would help but, mimosa.

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I'm good Hawaii you? Ya not my best......

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They even went on a helicopter ride — something they never got to do together while filming Bachelorette.

Finally, a helicopter date for Shawn B @makanikai_helicopters @FSOahu

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"Don't mind us, just re falling in love over here," Kaitlyn captioned one of her pics. And they're re-falling so in love, that they even decided to stay an extra night.

In Kaitlyn's recent Snapchat, she revealed the couple wouldn't be heading home just yet...another reason why we're left wondering if they have some secret wedding plans happening while they're there.

And hey, if they don't end up eloping, maybe ABC will do a live wedding special for them in Hawaii one day...just a thought!