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Kaitlyn Bristowe “Happy to Never Have to Date Again” — 5 Signs They’ll Make It


Despite those pesky rumors saying Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are sleeping in separate beds, the two actually seem to be going very strong.


Kait recently caught up with People, insinuating that Bachelor producer Elan Gale's book, Tinder Nightmares, made her appreciate her fiancé even more.

Toteming is totes in right now. It's the new whip and nae nae. You just hit the d floor, and totem. Simple yet effective.

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"I'm happy I've found Shawn and never have to do the whole dating thing again!" she said, adding, "It's hilarious to read, but terrifying to know that the people exist. I'm just glad I don't have to be one of the victims. I just get to witness it and laugh!"

We're really hoping those feelings last for Kait and Shawn and they join the small group of Bachelor Nation couples who have stayed together. Here are 5 reasons why we think they really have a shot.

1) They Spend Every Second Together

Quick pit stop at the photo booth during the @raptors game #SherClub

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Some may argue this is a bad thing, but for Kait and Shawn, we think they really just can't get enough of each other. Kaitlyn recently moved into Shawn's apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, and the couple says they've only spent 4 hours apart since the finale.


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2) Shawn and Nick Viall Are on Good Terms

You read that right! Shawn and his on-screen arch nemesis Nick seem to be — dare we say — buddies these days. Or at least they're getting along well enough to be teaming up for Movember. The fact that Shawn's jealousy seems to have subsided is a good sign for ShawnKait.

3) They Have the Same Interests

Thank you @raptors & @thefanchize for a great opening night! #WeTheNorth

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Had an amazing time @ the #CMAawards with this gorgeous woman.

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Happy Halloween.

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If anyone follows these two on Snapchat, you'll know that Shawn and Kaitlyn can be found going to clubs, hitting up sports games, going to the CMAs — NBD — or just chilling in their apartment.

4) They Support Each Other

The Bachelorette couple seems to be each other's biggest fans. And they have a lot of fans. Just look at Shawn being Kaitlyn's cheerleader in the photo above!

5) They Value Family Time

Happy anniversary to these beauties. We love you #DoubleDate

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We got to watch both Shawn and Kaitlyn's families on The Bachelorette, so we know how awesome they all are. The couple spends a lot of time just the two of them, but they also seem to greatly value their family time.