Kaitlyn Bristowe on Which ‘Bachelor’ Spin-Off She’d Actually Watch — Exclusive

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe on Which ‘Bachelor’ Spin-Off She’d Actually Watch — Exclusive


There’s no shortage of book deals and spin-offs in Bachelor Nation these days, but we have yet to get the ones we really want: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s!

The Bachelorette 2015 star ranks at the top of our list of franchise stars, and we’re anxiously awaiting the day Freeform offers her and fiancé Shawn Booth their own reality show.

Wetpaint spoke with Kaitlyn recently while she was promoting Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Air Canada’s Après in the Air package for the country’s 150th birthday.

She admitted there are “no real updates” on the spin-off front, though they do have an idea of what it would look like.

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“It would kind of just be like what's going on next with us — so Shawn's personal training career, I've been writing songs up in Nashville,” she explains, before teasing a possible wedding element.

She adds, “And then just our relationship together and how much fun we have as a couple and maybe wedding planning.”

The couple, who are considering a fall ceremony — though "which fall?" is the real question — are only just starting to plan their big day thanks to their busy schedules. It also can’t help that Kaitlyn’s been busy helping plan another wedding: Whitney Bischoff’s!

The Canadian reveals she and her former Bachelor 2015 co-star — who is marrying beau Ricky Angel later this spring — Skype about details pretty frequently.

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In fact, though the reality star isn’t part of Whitney’s wedding party — “I think it’s just her sister and best friend” — she is joining her for dress fittings.

Kait says she thinks the Chicago gal is most likely going to get her late mother’s wedding dress fitted to her. So sweet, right?

Also keeping the Bachelorette busy? Her aforementioned music career.

“To me, ideally, I would love to be a singer that kind of flies under the radar and people just love my music,” she muses. “Maybe it's because I was in the spotlight for a little while.”


She has other creative aspirations, as well.

The 31-year-old reveals she “can’t wait to write a book”!


However, she hasn’t worked out what the subject matter would be just yet. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for something along the lines of pal Andi Dorfman’s tell-all — with some of Kait’s signature humor peppered in.

While she’s waiting for her own book or series to materialize, the Nashville transplant does have another Bachelor Nation spin-off in mind.

Though she and her fiancé haven’t kept up with the franchise in recent years, there is one couple who could get them to tune in: Sean and Catherine Lowe!

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“I love Sean and Catherine,” she gushes. “Their relationship is so cute to me, and they have the new baby. I think that would be a fun show to watch.”

We totally agree!