Ben Zorn Gets Emotional Over Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Death” (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Ben Zorn Gets Emotional Over Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Death” (VIDEO)


Next week’s Episode 6 of The Bachelorette 2015 is going to get a little… spooky. On one of the show’s weirdest group dates ever, Kaitlyn Bristowe pretends to be dead as the guys celebrate her life in a traditional Irish wake (in Ireland!) and for Ben Zorn, the situation was a little too real.


In a clip from the June 22 ep, the guys file in one by one to talk to Kaitlyn — as she lays in a coffin, clutching a flask, of course. While there, they're meant to tell her what she means to them, but for Ben, who’s already been in this situation when his mom passed away, it hits way too close to home.


“I know that Ben Z’s mom passed away when he was young, so I hope this isn’t too hard for him,” Kaitlyn said. “I definitely meant for this to be a lighthearted thing. I never want anything to upset anyone.”


Understandably, Ben gets a little emotional when it was his turn to say goodbye to Kaitlyn.


“So, I didn’t write anything down. This is a lot harder than I imagined. I would like to say a joke right now and make you laugh, but you’re probably better at that than me,” he says, which actually does incite laughter from our girl. "All I can say, is I wish we had more time together and I hope we made the best of what we had. I’ll never forget you and you’ll always be in my heart.”


Then, he leans over to gives her a kiss on the forehead, and the whole moment is a lot sweeter than you’d expect a fake wake to be.


This might be one of the strangest dates on The Bachelorette ever, but we’re kind of looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Call it morbid curiosity?


The Bachelorette Episode 6 airs Monday, June 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.