Kanye West Alleged Drug Abuse Detailed in Shocking Leaked Emails — Report
Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West Alleged Drug Abuse Detailed in Shocking Leaked Emails — Report


We've always known Kanye West enjoys his marijuana, but it seems much more serious drug use may have led up to canceling his Saint Pablo tour and entering treatment.

Though it's been rumored in the past, a new report attached to his dispute with the insurance company who underwrote the tour alleges abuse of ecstasy and opiates led to his breakdown.

The details, especially after many celebrity overdoses in recent years, are very worrying.

The accusations come from emails obtained by RadarOnline. The correspondence, which occurred between the 40-year-old's lawyer and legal counsel for Lloyd's of London, is in relation to the rapper's disputed insurance claim.

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The insurance firm has requested an investigation of evidence the artist violated the terms of his agreement by engaging in illegal substance abuse.

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“There can certainly be no doubt that statements regarding purported drug use are worthy of investigation given the information contained in Mr. West’s medical records regarding the use of 2C-B, the testimony regarding marijuana and liquid marijuana, Percocet prescriptions, prescriptions for valium and Demerol (all in someone else’s name),” says Lloyd’s of London attorney Wayne H. Hammack in an email dated February 23, 2017.

2C-B is a substance similar to ecstasy, while dependencies on the opiates Percocet and Demerol contributed to the deaths of Prince and Michael Jackson, respectively.

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If the attorney's claims are true, they suggest Kanye's breakdown last year involved a serious drug problem.

And Hammack says he has video proof Kim Kardashian's husband spoke openly about his drug use.

“Mr. West discussed ‘popping Percocets two at a time’ and stated words to the effect that ‘this is all about getting off of drugs, bad drugs,’” the lawyer claimed.

Kanye also used an “unidentified drink” believed to be “drinkable marijuana," as disclosed by the star's own attorney in an April mediation brief.

But Kanye's counsel, Howard E. King is dismissing Lloyds' "concerns" as overblown and merely an attempt to avoid issuing payment.

Regarding the opiates, King asserts Yeezy took “14 doses” of Percocet in two weeks, and received “prescribed injectable Demerol.”

As for the marijuana use? “Shockingly, a hip-hop artist has used marijuana (and consumed alcohol) for much of his life, with no ill effects,” he wrote.

Wow, that shade is chilly.

None of this legal back and forth makes clear what led to Kanye's decision to cancel his tour, or his erratic behavior before that.

But whether it was exhaustion or something more serious, we're glad he took time off to get the medical help he needed.