Kanye West FaceTimed Dying Fan Before She Passed Away
Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West FaceTimed Dying Fan Before She Passed Away


Underneath Kanye West's tough demeanour, there's a real softie at heart.

He recently made a terminally ill fan's biggest wish come true when he FaceTimed with her, right before she passed away.

The rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian called to chat with the girl who has been battling cancer.

A Twitter user that goes under the name @stalkdebbie wrote on the social media site, ''This girl in my town had cancer and Kanye called her a couple days ago to rap for her. I think Kim was there too.

''Wasn't even blasted on social media or anything.

"She passed yesterday. I have so much respect for him tho. Making her happy in her last moments [sic]."


And Kim took to her own social media account to send their best wishes, writing, ''We are praying for her family.''

However, TMZ reports that the girl tragically passed away not long after she received the phone call.

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Meanwhile, the 40-year-old rapper has been battling stress and exhaustion but a source previously revealed he is the ''best he's ever been'' at the moment.

The insider shared, ''Kanye is in a good place right now. He's working on his music and laying low. 

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"He's gained a little weight. He's not going to the gym as much as he could be but that's OK. 

"He's been focused on staying calm and not doing anything to mess his mindset up. He's in the zone.

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''He's the best he's ever been — he's very stable. There haven't been any manic outbursts.

"You're going to see a calm Kanye who is taking it day by day.

"Living with a mental illness is something that he will always have to be aware of, and spend time working on, but he's doing it.

"And he and Kim are stronger than ever.''

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