L&HHATL\'s Karen King Wants DNA Test For Scrapp DeLeon’s Son (VIDEO)
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen King
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

L&HHATL’s Karen King Wants DNA Test For Scrapp DeLeon’s Son (VIDEO)


Somebody better call Maury.

During a recent episode of her YouTube show, KK Live, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Karen “KK” King calls fellow cast member Tiarra out, requesting that she “legitimize” her grandson and prove he’s Scrapp DeLeon’s son.

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In a major mean-girl moment, Karen sits down with guests Tommie Lee and her mother, Samantha, and begins to question the paternity of her grandson, King. Check out a clip of the baby grandmama drama below.

While sharing a cellphone pic with her co-stars, KK shockingly says, “I’m starting to think that King may not be my grandson.”

After viewing the photographic evidence, her cohorts immediately agree and lend support to the shady speculation.

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As chronicled throughout Season 5 of the reality series, Karen’s eldest son Scrapp DeLeon shares a 4-year-old son with her longtime enemy, Tiarra.

Scrapp, who is currently serving a 20-year sentence for marijuana trafficking, has constantly pleaded with his mother to make amends with Tiarra for the sake of his young child, but KK remained steadfast in her decision to stay estranged from her grandson’s mother.

However, on last week’s episode, fans finally saw what appeared to be a breakthrough in the soured relationship between the two.

Things apparently went left since that filming, because KK is now completely coming for Tiarra, demanding a DNA test before her son returns from prison.

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Things rapidly get ugly during the webisode as Karen and company continue to slut-shame T, with the grandmother of two saying, “you gotta carry your whore mentality.”


Guess we’ll see how this ends at the reunion show.

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