Kate Walsh: I Haven\'t Kept in Touch With Patrick Dempsey (VIDEO)

Grey's Anatomy

Kate Walsh: I Haven’t Kept in Touch With Patrick Dempsey (VIDEO)


Addison (Kate Walsh) has long since moved on from Derek (Patrick Dempsey) on Grey's Anatomy, and it seems like her portrayer has moved on from his, too! Actress Kate Walsh has revealed that she and Patrick Dempsey no longer talk.

During Kate's recent appearance on The Better Show, hosts Kristina Behr and JD Roberto asked her if she has kept in touch with Patrick.

"I don't. No," Kate responded. "But I have other people on the show that I'm pretty close with."

OK, so maybe we're making a big deal out of what may be nothing. People fall out of touch all the time, and it's not always a dramatic thing.

Or maybe she knows something about Patrick that we don't. He has always struck us as McDreamy, but you never know what people are like off-camera!

The Tucson native also echoed the same sentiment we reported earlier this month — that she'd gladly make a Grey's return — saying, "I'm totally open to collaborating with [Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes] on something else and also, of course, to go back to [Grey's Anatomy]."

But don't expect Kate to come back as Addison full-time. The 47-year-old said that she's not interested in the grind of network TV and instead interested in movies, cable TV, and plays.

"I feel like once you've done Shondaland, you kinda have done network TV in terms of the hour-long format," Kate explained. "You can't really do better than that."

Can't argue with that logic!

Source: The Better Show