Keanu Reeves Faces Two Home Intruders in Two Days, One Was Naked (VIDEO)


Keanu Reeves Faces Two Home Intruders in Two Days, One Was Naked (VIDEO)


Poor Keanu Reeves. Dude cannot catch a break. The movie star has had to deal with not one but two home intruders in as many days. One of them even turned up naked!

First, a woman allegedly broke into Keanu’s house while he was sleeping on September 15. She headed to his library. Around 4 a.m. Keanu heard suspicious noises and headed to the room. There, he found a woman in her mid-40s sitting in his chair. Anybody getting strong Goldilocks vibes from this one?

A mere two days later, another woman let herself into Keanu’s house uninvited. This time the unwelcome guest supposedly got in after a cleaning crew left the front gate open. Law enforcement officials tell TMZ the stripped down to her birthday suit before jumping in Keanu’s shower. She then took a dip, still without clothes on, in his pool. That’s when the cleaners thought maybe this was something to fill the boss in on. They called Keanu, who then called the cops (whom we’re thinking are now on speed dial in his phone).

Both women, TMZ says, were taken away by the police for mental evaluation. Keanu, meanwhile, is looking into installing a moat around his Hollywood Hills home. Or so we hope.

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