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Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson on Marriage to Hank Baskett: “Sex Makes Everything Better”


We all know no topics are off limits for Kendra Wilkinson, especially sex.

The former Girl Next Door star is currently starring in Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man in Las Vegas, but she’s making her long-distance relationship with Hank Baskett work.

Though the pair has been through their fair share of issues, they just celebrated their eight-year wedding anniversary!

"We're eight years in our marriage now, so communication is what we have to hang on to right now to keep our relationship strong,” she told E! News.

“To be honest with you, it was weak at first. I was starting to really miss home, he was starting to miss me.”

She continued, “It was almost like a detox we were both going through because we’re so used to being together every minute of the day…now that we’re apart, it was heavy, it was pretty intense. Now we’re starting to find our way."

Because she’s been gone so much, the 32-year-old hasn’t been able to spend as much quality time with her man as she’d like, which of course means less sex.

In fact, on a recent trip home to Los Angeles, the reality star chose to stop fighting with her husband because she wanted to do the deed.

"As much as I want to fight with you — I need sex more! Sex makes everything better!” she continued.

The decision to do the show was tough for the blonde beauty because it meant she’d be leaving her hubby and their two kids, Hank Jr., 7, and 3-year-old Alijah.

“It was hard for Hank to accept, because it meant I would move away from my family for four months,” she told In Touch last month.

“We have already threatened divorce probably five times,” she joked.

Thankfully, the duo has found new ways to make their relationship fun and exciting.

“Since I’ve been doing this play, I’ve actually had this amazing, fun, long-distance relationship with my husband [who’s in L.A.],” she continued.

“I am doing a lot of Skype and FaceTime sex with Hank. I don’t give a s—t if [it gets out and] people see it!"

The mother of two also recently shared a sweet anniversary tribute on Instagram alongside an adorable pic of the pair.

“I'm so proud of us choosing to stay on the same path,” she wrote. “No other place I'd rather be. Happy anniversary @hank_baskett My heart is only yours forever!”

Are you surprised Hank and Kendra have lasted this long? Sound off below!