Kim Kardashian Makes First Appearance Since Birth of Saint, Talks About Boobs
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Makes First Appearance Since Birth of Saint, Talks About Boobs


Kim Kardashian is back and getting real with fans — talking about babies, beauty, boobs, and beverages!

The reality star and mother of two made her first post-Saint appearance last night, December 17, and not to see Star Wars.

Instead, she shared a four-minute livestream on her app and website, her first on-camera appearance since the December 5 birth of son Saint West.

“My boobs look enormous — which they are,” she told fans, acknowledging the cleavage visible on-screen.

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So how has she been spending her days as a new mother of two? “I have been loving life,” she said, “just staying home and not going anywhere.

“I have just been chilling at home with the baby and being cozy in robes… I decided to put makeup on.”

That makeup, by the way, happens to be the Dolce K variety of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit. And that’s not all the intel the 35-year-old gave fans — she likes white chocolate mochas at Starbucks, for example, and Kanye’s new music is “crazy.”

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Don’t worry if you missed the facetime with Kim — these livestreams of hers will become more of a regular event, she said, as she broadcasts her workout sessions live.

“I am so excited — I'm going to show you guys my weight-loss journey on here.”

Well, we’ll happily watch her work out — as we guzzle Kim-approved white chocolate mochas.