Kim Is Using Kanye to Get Travis Scott to Spend Christmas With the Family — Report
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Is Using Kanye to Get Travis Scott to Spend Christmas With the Family — Report


There may be trouble in paradise for Kylie Jenner.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is reportedly pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott, but he has supposedly not been around very much.

Now, in order to get the rapper to spend more time with the reality star, Kim Kardashian is enlisting the help of Kanye West.

Needless to say, the Kardashian family is not thrilled with the 25-year-old at the moment.

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“Kylie’s entire family is upset about the way Travis has been letting her down,” a source told Hollywood Life.  

“He promised he was going to spend more time with her this month, but he really hasn’t lived up to that promise. And now it seems like he’s going to let Kylie down for Christmas, too.”

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The source continued, “Kylie’s very upset and has been crying about it so Kim’s decided it’s her job to try and fix the situation. And she’s insisting that Kanye needs to help, too.”

Sources say Travis completely idolizes the father of two, so Kimmy is using that to her advantage.

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“Travis looks up to Kanye, he idolizes him and Kim’s hoping that she can exploit that for Kylie’s benefit,” the source said.

“She’s given Kanye the task of talking to Travis and convincing him to spend Christmas in LA with Kylie. She’s not going to sit back and let this guy ruin Kylie’s Christmas.”

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The source continued, “Kanye isn’t too happy about being forced to do this but he’s agreed to do it for Kim’s sake.”

Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian also feels guilty for how Kylie’s pregnancy is playing out.

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“Khloe has gone through absolute hell when it comes to her relationships so she feels very deserving of all the happiness with Tristan, but there’s one dark spot for her right now and that’s the state of Kylie‘s relationship with Travis [Scott],” another source told Hollywood Life.

“Khloe is uber protective of Kylie and it really makes her sad to see that Kylie isn’t getting the kind of love and commitment from Travis that she’s getting from Tristan.”

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Koko knows she shouldn’t feel guilty, but she’s sad her sister isn’t enjoying pregnancy as much as she is.

“She knows she has no reason to feel guilty but Khloe has such a big heart, she feels bad that things are going so well for her when her little sister is struggling like this,” the source dished.  

“Khloe‘s body confidence is sky-high right now, she’s not having any of the body insecurities that she worried might come with pregnancy.

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“It’s the exact opposite actually, she’s in love with her pregnancy curves and feels incredibly sexy.”