Andy Cohen Calls Kim Zolciak a Liar, Accuses Her of Getting a Facelift (VIDEO)
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Kim Zolciak

Andy Cohen Calls Kim Zolciak a Liar, Accuses Her of Getting a Facelift (VIDEO)


Kim Zolciak was a guest on the August 16 episode of Watch What Happens Live to promote the fourth season of Don’t Be Tardy, which premiered earlier in the night, and she and host Andy Cohen got into a bit of an argument over whether or not the reality star had any work done on her face.

It all began when a caller wondered about Kimmie’s face, noting it has changed in recent months. “I want people to understand, I had a baby in 2011, one in 2012, and two in 2013,” the mom-of-six reasoned, as she has had to do quite frequently lately. “I did my boobs, my tummy, I did it on my show, but no I haven’t [had a facelift].”

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That’s when Andy jumped in to share his own theory, explaining when he saw Kim at the Real Housewives of Atlanta 100th episode special a few months ago he noticed she looked different but didn’t think much of it when Kim told him she hadn’t had anything done. However, when Kim showed up last night wearing glasses Andy’s nited antenna went up.

As the Bravo star sees it, the glasses are “to take away from the fact that you have had a little bit shaved off your nose. I really feel that way.”

“And your lips are bigger,” he said to Kim after her first round of denials, which only succeeded in shocking her even more.

Despite her love for Andy, Kim was clearly over the plastic surgery nonsense. “I’m very honest with plastic surgery, obviously I’ve never hidden anything” she declared, pointing out her fondness for Botox.

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“I don’t know why you would deny it, I will say that,” Andy said. “But yet you are a lady that loves a hyperbole and an oxymoron so…”

Later in the show Kim explained she recently began using a new makeup artist who is contouring her face differently, and while Andy wasn’t fully satisfied with that explanation it looks like he’ll have to make due with it since we’re betting Kim is done talking about whether or not she’s done anything to her face.