Why Is Soccer Player Victor Anichebe Pissed at Kit Harington?
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Why Is Soccer Player Victor Anichebe Pissed at Kit Harington?


We all know celebrities can be starstruck by other celebs, but did you know they can also get pissed at being ignored by their fave actors? That's apparently what happened when professional soccer player Victor Anichebe ran into Kit Harington at a hotel, and he is not happy about it.

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Victor Anichebe
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Victor, who plays for West Bromwich Albion, is, like so many other people, a big Game of Thrones fan. So when he spotted Kit and Rose Leslie when they were staying at the hotel, he was excited to ask for their picture. One problem: they turned him down.

And victor? Well, Victor is not happy, as he made clear on Twitter.

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So far, there's been no response from Kit or Rose. It's very possible they just wanted to be left alone, especially since they've already been plagued by rumors that they're dating and don't necessarily want more pics of them together.  They might not have even realized who Victor was.

Either that or they root for a different team!

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Here's the real question: Where was the hotel? Was it near a Game of Thrones filming location? We need to know if we can add it to the evidence Jon is alive!

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