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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom: Kobe Responds to Master P’s “Insensitive” Remarks, Master P Counters


As Lamar Odom fights for his life, two of his closest friends are duking it out in the media.


Yesterday (October 15), Master P caused quite a stir when he told TMZ he felt Lamar’s close friend, Kobe Bryant, was a “phony” for not standing beside Lamar when it counts. The rapper even went so far as to say the care and concern coming from Kobe and Lamar’s estranged in-laws, The Kardashians, is nothing but a publicity stunt.


Well, the Lakers shooting guard didn’t take too kindly to those words and issued a statement on Twitter:


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However, Master P wasn’t about to let it go, and responded with his own statement, titled “The Truth Hurts”:


“If you’re real with someone, you keep it real through the good and bad times … Lamar complained about how everybody turned their backs on him, even his nba buddies. But then people blew my opinion out of proportion.”


The “How Ya Do Dat” rapper went on to say he has nothing against Kobe or the L.A. Lakers, and even said he was “willing to speak face to face with anybody, with Kobe or Kardashians about the conversations that Lamar and I have had concerning him trying to get his life back together and getting back into the league.”


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Ending his statement, Master P wrote he is not at all questioning anyone’s grief over Lamar’s situation, but “it’s just sad that last month no one had anything positive to say about Lamar.. and that’s what I meant by being phony.”

As reported earlier, Lamar was found unconscious after ingesting an herbal viagra and other narcotics at a brothel outside of Las Vegas. The former basketball player was sent to a hospital where his survival seems bleak.