Crazed Kris Jenner Fan Breaks In — While Kim and Saint Are Home!
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Crazed Kris Jenner Fan Breaks In — While Kim and Saint Are Home!


UPDATE (12/18/2015): As a result of the huge breach at her home, Kris Jenner has reportedly fired her entire security detail — and replaced them with Kanye West's teal of off-duty police officers, TMZ says. 

The measure is a temporary one and one both Kris and Kanye felt necessary after her now-unemployed team could offer no reasonable explanation for how the home invader made his way into the home despite all the protocols in place to prevent such an incident.

Once she's done fuming, Kris will likely start interviewing more competent staff.

Original story (12/17/2015): Kris Jenner may want to tighten up her security detail. A man off the street made his way into the momager’s house and waltzed into her office uninvited on Tuesday.

Thankfully, the 60-year-old and the rest of her family weren’t hurt, and the overstepping fan has been apprehended. Talk about scary, though!

Here’s how it all went down. Apparently, the intruder posed as one of the crew assembling Kris’s Christmas decorations, after telling security at the gate he had a meeting with the mom of six, TMZ reports.

Seriously, how did this scheme actually work? How many people does it take to decorate the Kardashians’s house for Christmas?

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OK, we get it now.

Kris reportedly noticed very quickly the man had no business being in her home and had 911 dispatch officers to the house immediately.

According to sources with knowledge of the arrest, the obsessed fan took a bus from Texas to find the Kardashian Kompound. He has reportedly been placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

At the time of the invasion, Kim was home with baby Saint, so we imagine Kris’s mama bear (grandma bear?) instincts kicked in with a quickness.

We’re just glad the situation got resolved without anyone getting hurt!