Kristen Bell Says Her Daughter “Couldn’t Care Less” About “Frozen” (VIDEO)
Kristen Bell Says Her Daughter “Couldn’t Care Less” About “Frozen” (VIDEO)
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Kristen Bell Says Her Daughter “Couldn’t Care Less” About “Frozen” (VIDEO)


Though Kristen Bell may be Princess Anna of Disney Pixar’s mega-hit, Frozen, don’t expect the star’s 23-month-old daughter, Lincoln, to know that. According to Kristen, Lincoln’s not interested. In fact, the House of Lies stars recently dished to Us Weekly that Lincoln has “never” seen the highly-popular film.

“She is not my biggest fan. She just doesn't know what I do for a living!" the proud mom of two said, adding, "She couldn’t care less. [It] is extremely humbling to come home to someone who couldn't care less about what you do!”

But we can’t totally blame Lincoln’s taste in animation for snubbing her mom’s movie. Mama Kristen revealed that she hasn’t allowed her eldest kiddo to watch Frozen yet because she’s not old enough to understand it.

“The APA recommends that you let kids watch TV when they're 2 and a half, so we’re trying to follow that, which unfortunately is not realistic for all parents — I understand, we’re shooting for the moon,” dished the 34-year-old Veronica Mars alum. “She loves the hell out of Snoopy! But we're trying. She certainly hasn’t seen anything Frozen.”

Kristen, who also welcomed daughter Delta Bell in December 2014 with husband Dax Shepard, does have hope that Lincoln will be introduced to the wonderful world of Frozen soon. And the fact that the film is about two sisters makes the actress all the more excited.

“One day when I show it to both my girls together, it will have significance to them and their dynamic. I’m really excited about that because I think it really says something really special about sisters,” Kristen said.

We can’t wait for the day that Kristen and Dax’s home is filled with the sweet sounds of their girls belting “Let It Go” — like almost every home worldwide.

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Source: Us Weekly